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Stoop portraits

A stoop portrait is self-explanatory in its origin. It is simply a portrait on a stoop. They became “a thing” for me after I was had been put in contact with a family who really wanted a portrait together in front of their home. They had moved to Philly recently, had a baby, and bought a house. So this portrait was sort of commemorating all of that. I posted the portrait on Instagram and instantly got inquiries. “What's a stoop portrait?!" and I was like “good question." At the time, I really didn't know either. I just helped out a family who needed a photo. 


Since then, I’ve done dozens of stoop portraits for all kinds of people. Families, businesses, friends, etc. This work has been fulfilling in a way that I never thought it would be. It made my heart full to be able to bring joy to people during a time that felt like our joy had been stolen seemingly overnight. A time where we all desperately needed something to smile about. 


If you’re interested in having a stoop portrait taken and are in the Philadelphia area, let's chat about it here.

Photo Aug 08, 3 04 13 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 08, 3 05 53 AM.jpg
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